Senior citizens get retirement jobs

Retirement does not put an end to a senior citizen’s productivity. The elderly can continue to enjoy fulfilling activities, putting into good use their skills and knowledge. Times are changing and many people continue to work beyond the traditional age of retirement. Companies have come to recognize the value of these senior citizens who have an admirable work ethic and vast experience in certain fields.

SM City Iloilo is one company that has been consistently supportive of senior citizens. Through the years, it has been working closely with the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) – Iloilo, providing support and venue for the organization’s various programs and activities. Under its Senior Citizen Community Service Program, the mall offers part-time jobs that provide personal satisfaction and enjoyment for the elderly.

Recently, mall management hired a new batch of senior citizens who will work for a total of 4 hours during Saturdays and Sundays, and are also required to report for duty on holidays. They are compensated in accordance with the Regional Wage Order plus 15% premium.

These senior citizens are Mary Lou Alicaya, Arturo Ninto, Gloria Imballa, Araceli Tanoy and Jose De Los Angeles. They are assigned tasks that are commensurate to their capabilities, skills and expertise.

The program is under the SM Cares Committee on Senior Citizens Affairs, in-charge of the company’s advocacy to the elderly sector, who are considered vital partners in nation building.