Fun Learning at Marbee Adventure

Play is critical to the growth and development of children. As children play, they learn physical and social skills as well as enhance their cognitive development. These are what children will achieve at Marbee Adventure, the newest playground at SM City Iloilo.

“I felt that schools, especially in Manila, are very traditional and academic-driven. The pupils are always pressured to study and the fun of learning has disappeared. I want to put back the fun in learning, which is why we decided to have Marbee Adventure,” said Beia Legarda Santos Florete, the lady behind the play-learn advocacy.

“The parent or guardian may leave a child at Marbee, but by the end of play time, the child has already met a lot of friends, learned how to wait his turn in the slide, how to share with the blocks and to listen to the guide. The learning is holistic - emotional, social and cognitive, but if you look at the children, they are just jumping and playing around,” she adds.

Florete is also a proud owner of a school in Manila called Eskwela Legarda. The school has a progressive, play-based, development-appropriate school where the children are taught skills and knowledge according to their ages. At the same time, the children also learn through fun activities, and playing outdoors is an integral part of the curriculum.

Beia Legarda Santos Florete

Professional Staff
Parents are assured that their children are in safe hands when at Marbee Adventure. All the staff who take charge of the children are either teachers or education graduates, fully trained and emotionally equipped to handle the special needs of children, including the most rowdy ones.

“I want to have personnel who know how to work with children, so that they understand the importance of leaning through fun activities. All of them underwent a 4-day seminar before they started working here to further enhance their knowledge and skills. The seminar covered important areas such as the crucial role of play in the development of kids and how to handle children with special needs. The teachers have to be extra patient and understanding with them” said Florete.

Children’s Safety
Upon entrance at Marbee Adventure, a photo and fingerprint of the parent or guardian as well as the photo of the child are taken and stored in the computer database. This is part of the company’s security system so that only the guardian whose photo and fingerprint are in the computer can fetch the child after playtime. The children are not allowed out of the play area unless the guardian is there to get him or her.

As for the children’s safety during play, there are “adventure guides” who help the children in their adventures. “We identified stations where guides have to be to be present all the time. These areas are the zipline, the trampoline and the swing, which are the most popular places for the kids. These are where they get the most excited. Like in the zipline, the guides make sure that the children fall in line, take turns, learn to wait, and have their hands to themselves, meaning no pushing. Everybody has to have a good time,” explained Florete.

Special Promotions
Come Easter Sunday, March 27, Marbee Adventure has special offers for parents and children alike. There will be an interactive booth at the activity center, which the children will surely enjoy. As for the parents, they can avail of certificates at discounted rates, which mean more affordable or extended play and learning time for their children.

Also, May 1 is Marbee Adventure Day when so much fun is in store for the children. In addition, all paying customers will receive a free shirt.

A child can also celebrate his or her birthday at Marbee Adventure. They offer three special packages that will surely make the child’s special day very colorful and memorable – Delightful, Exciting and Exclusive Adventures.

For those interested, simply visit Marbee Adventure at the 2nd Floor, SM City Iloilo New Wing, or check out their Facebook for more details.