Have a feast at SM City Iloilo Food Hall

If you are having trouble making up your mind on what to have for lunch or dinner, why not go to SM City Iloilo Food Hall? Located at the 2nd floor of the mall’s Northwing, there you will find a wide selection of dishes to choose from as the dining place has 13 food stalls as of present, with more to open soon. Whether Italian, American, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Filipino cuisine, the Food Hall has something that will fit anyone's gastronomic desire.

Aside from the great selection of appetizing food, the area is so spacious and clean, with modern facilities and well-trained staff providing fine and friendly service, making dining a comfy and fun experience.

Here are just a few of the delicious offerings that can be indulged in when at the Food Hall:

Pub Express is a personal favorite at the Food Hall. They serve sausages, chicken wings and a lot more. The tender and delicious Baby Back Ribs is a big hit among its clients as well as the Rangoons that are filled with yummy cream cheese.

Baby Back Ribs


Need a little patience when eating at Pepper Lunch as food is served literally sizzling hot, which can burn the tongue of an impatient, hungry man. However, once food temperature has reduced a bit, you will love each savoury bite of the different mouthwatering dishes, most especially Beef Pepper Rice and Shimofuri Pepper Steak.

Beef Pepper Rice

Shimofuri Pepper Steak

A must-try dessert this summer is How Fun's Buko Pandan Ice Dessert. No need for many ingredients as the shaved ice is already so creamylicious because it is made of coconut milk. Another How Fun best seller is Chinese Beef Steak, which is served atop mixed vegetables and comes with rice.

Buko Pandan Ice Dessert
Chinese Beef Steak 

Oh, the all-time favorite French fries by Potato Corner. This finger-lickin' snack comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. In photo are Trio and Mega Fries in BBQ, Sweet Corn and Sour Cheese flavors.

Sbarro's Chicago White Pizza and Meat Lasagna make great tummy-filling meals or snacks that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Prepared with the finest ingredients, all of Sbarro’s Italian offerings are so savory that you will keep coming back for more.

Chicago White Pizza

Meat Lasagna

Go Mexican at Lava. Make your “chika minutes" with friends more fun by munching on these crunchy and cheesy nachos or your choice of quesadilla.



Classic Pinoy food is what Dungan Kamay Kainan specializes in, such as these must-try dishes Pork Sisig and Squid ala Pobre that are served with rice.

Pork Sisig

Squid ala Pobre

If you are on a diet or simply prefer healthier food choices, head over to Salads and Wraps. Here you can indulge without feeling the guilt. Among its best sellers are Honey Balsamic Salad and Green Goddess and Smokey Ranch Wraps.

Green Goddess and Smokey Ranch Wraps

Honey Balsamic Salad

Or you may opt for some fresh fruit salad or shakes at Fruitfull. Here, you get healthy goodness in each bite and have your tummy full without that heavy filling. Mango Magic and Choco Champ are highly-recommended shakes, perfect for summer.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Mango Magic and Choco Champ Shakes

Craving for some Churros? You can find these delicious snacks at Don's Churros.  Pair your Classic Churros with any dip of your choice, or you may order the Filled Churros that is overloaded with yummyness as it is stuffed with flavored cream such as Bavarian, Dulce de Leche, Chocolate and Blueberry. Hot chocolate and coffee are served as well.

Classic Churros

Filled Churros

Although more known as a Korean restaurant, at Kogi and Vegi,  you will experience a delectable Asian fusion of dishes that will tickle your palate. In photos are two of their bestselling dishes: Dolsot Bibimbap and Kove Kimbap.

Dolsot Bibimbap

Kove Kimbap

If Japanese is your comfort food, Teppanyaki Brothers is the one for you. You can even have your mouthwatering food cooked right in front of you. Must-try dishes include the All Meat and All Seafood.

All Meat

All Seafood

If you have a thing for takoyaki, then go straight to Ichiban Daco where you will have a wide selection of authentic Osaka Takoyaki. Choose from Original, Prawn, Ham and Cheese, Bacon and Cheese and a lot more.