Oishi Batchoi: A Fusion of Ilonggo and Japanese Flavors

Rainy days are here and one way to celebrate the cooler weather is to indulge in a steaming hot batchoy that Ilonggos love so well. But wait, there is a new kind of batchoy in town. Inside SM City Iloilo is a “batchoyan” that serves this Ilonggo classic soup, but with a Japanese twist - Oishi Batchoi.

The Healthy Batchoy
Created by Chef Benjamin “Benjie” Garcia, Oishi batchoy is the culmination of his more than 20 years of working in Japan as an Executive Chef. He has always dreamed of having his very own restaurant some day, a goal that he has finally achieved.

Oishi Miso Batchoi

In his search for the right business venture, his interest was caught by Iloilo’s famous batchoy and decided to create his very own special batchoy, using the knowledge and expertise he has acquired while in Japan.

Seafoods Miso Batchoi

Chef Benjie proudly announced that Oishi Batchoi is a healthier alternative to the traditional batchoy as he makes use of Japanese ingredients that are known to promote good health.

Moringa Batchoi

One of these is miso, Japan’s traditional seasoning and health food, which is made from fermented soybeans mashed into a thick paste.

Aside from miso, other ingredients used are garlic oil and moringa. We all know that garlic is great for the heart while moringa boosts overall health. Another secret to Oishi Batchoi’s unique, delicious taste lies on its noodles. They serve the more nutritious and appetizing freshly-made egg noodles or ramen rather than the ordinary miki.

Chef Benjamin "Benjie-San" Garcia, the man behind Oishi Batchoy 

In observance of the traditional way batchoy is prepared, Chef Benjie top the ramen with the usual pork liver, crushed pork cracklings or chicharon, fresh egg and roasted garlic. However, instead of putting in ordinary pork, Chef Benjie used Chasyu of roast pork and added Naruto or Fish cake to make the dish Japanese.

Aside from ramen, Oishi Batchoi also serves classic Japanese dishes, all flavorful and at very affordable prices.  Here are just a few interesting offerings that you may want to try:


Rainbow Maki


Kaizen Salad

Oishi Batchoi is conveniently located at the Lower Ground Floor of the Northwing of SM City Iloilo. For more details, you may visit them at Facebook.