Experience DoVa Brunch Café

Eggs Benedict, brunch culture and a leisurely lifestyle. These are what inspired Chef Miguel Cordova to open the first brunch café in Iloilo – DoVa Brunch Café. This well-traveled chef and successful restaurateur knows so well that Ilonggos are happy but fickle eaters who want to take things easy, and so he made sure that dining at his restaurant is one very satisfying experience for them.

“This all started with my love for brunch food, especially the brunch icon Eggs Benedict, my favorite. In addition, I have always been amazed with the easy lifestyle where you wake up a little late, head out to a brunch café and have your Eggs Benedict,” said Chef Miguel.

The iconic Eggs Benedict
(farmer's ham, poached egg, brioche bun, hollandaise and potatoes)

His fascination grew when he traveled to Cambodia, a country where a good number of brunch cafes are located that cater to the expats who live and work there. He frequents several brunch cafés, including the very popular Will’s Brunch Café, where the best Eggs Benedict, in Chef Miguel’s opinion, are served. It took him two years of traveling to that country, learning the tastes and workings of the brunch culture for his new restaurant to finally materialize.

He opened his brunch cafe in La Paz, and the Ilonggos’ enthusiastic response drove him to open a new branch, this time at a more premiere location, which is the Iloilo Business Park.

Chef Miguel Cordova

More than Just Breakfast
DoVa Brunch Café is a fusion of international flavours that can satisfy anyone’s appetite. Its diverse menu includes American, British and Filipino breakfasts and café dishes to cater to both locals and foreigners. Chef Miguel noted that there is an increasing population of expats in Iloilo and he made sure that DoVa has something for them as well.

Cured Meats
(speck, proscuitto, salami milano and bread)

“A foreigner’s typical breakfast consists of bread, cold cuts, cheese and jam. And I made sure that we have that in the menu. We serve cured meats and cheese platters that can be eaten as breakfast or go with a good wine. Of course, Filipinos are really happy eaters, so we have the usual eggs served with tapa, chorizo recado or tocino slab as well as a wide selection of cafe dishes,” said Chef Miguel.

Of course, not to be missed is the brunch icon, and now one of the flagship dishes of DoVa, the Eggs Benedict.

Hummus Plate
(hummus, harvest sticks, bread, nachos and olives)

Salmon and Capers Brick Oven Pizza

“I also added a bit of Mediterranean in my menu, which is the Hummus, an appetizer that consists of hummus dip, harvest sticks, bread, nachos and olives. For an Italian touch with a tad of Mediterranean, we have our brick-oven pizza such as Salmon and Capers Pizza and a lot more,” adds the chef.

Artisan Ice Cream
(Coffee, Lemon Ginger and Strawberry flavors)

For those with a sweet tooth, the brunch café also serves a delicious selection of cakes and artisan ice cream.

Here are other mouthwatering dishes that you have to experience at DoVa Brunch Cafe:

Greek Quinoa Salad
(mixed greens, organic quinoa, feta cheese, olives, Spanish onions in balsamic vinaigrette)

Cashew Brittle Salad
(mixed greens, cashew brittle, green apples, diced peaches and strawberries in strawberry balsamic cream)

Hangover Fries
(french fries, pulled pork, poached egg, bacon strips, chipotle mayo and cilantro mayo)

The Big Brunch Plate
(baked beans, sausage, bacon, eggs and fries)

Bacon and Sausage
(2 pancakes or single waffle, bacon, sausage, whipped butter and maple syrup)

Strawberry Banana French Toast
(toasts, banana, strawberry compote, whipped butter, powdered sugar and maple syrup)

Crisp Soy Ginger Chicken
(polenta fried chicken, zucchini fries, cabbage slaw and chipotle dip)
Backyard BBQ Brick Oven Pizza
Deep Fried Cheese Balls
(deep fried cheese balls, chipotle swirl, marinara sauce and side salad)
Sticky Pork Ribs
(glazed pork ribs, mashed potato and veggies)
Grandma's Meatloaf
(2 meatloaves, gravy, tomato sauce, vegetables and baked potato)
Herb Roasted Chicken
(roasted chicken, pepperonata sauce, vegetables and brown rice pilaf)
Beef Stew (served with black rice)