The Marching Bands of Bacoor

Marching bands are quite common in the Philippines, with almost all schools having its own. Not only do they fill the streets with wonderful and upbeat sounds, but also encourage students to enhance their talents and develop their skills in using musical instruments.

Among the cities and provinces in the country, the city of Bacoor in Cavite is most famous for its marching bands. It is through these bands that the locals show their passion as well as their unique creativity when it comes to music.

The city boasts of 15 marching bands, the most number of bands found in any city or province, which is how Bacoor earned the title as the Marching Band Capital of the Philippines.

A Day of Colors and Sounds
Each year, the local government holds a marching band competition as part of Bakood Festival that commemorates Bacoor’s Founding Anniversary.

In September last year, the city organized what was called the Grandest Marching Band Parade and Competition where 55 marching bands took part, representing different schools and organizations from all over the country. It was by far the biggest competition held.

The city came alive with the melodies that emanated from the sound percussion and other musical instruments. Moreover, wearing striking costumes and beautiful smiles, the performers were indeed a sight to behold.

This year, should we expect a more impressive competition? Surely, the local officials are again preparing something memorable that local and foreign audiences will talk about for years.