Express your love with diamonds

The diamond has become synonymous with love and is the gem of choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. It is a man's way of expressing his undying love, and his woman usually find it difficult to say “No” when he proposes with a dazzling diamond ring.

Would-be-couples nowadays also choose wedding rings encrusted with a single or multiple diamonds. Gone were the days that a simple gold band will do. You just have to say it with diamonds, just like these two couples did.

Surprise Her with Diamonds
Andrew* wants to marry his first love Amanda. Theirs is a classic love story, childhood friends who eventually fell in love with each other during their college days. Five years into the relationship, Andrew decided that it is time to step into a new chapter in their lives – marriage.

Working abroad as a nurse, Amanda has a scheduled vacation to the Philippines and Andrew decided to propose to her once she arrives.

“I want to surprise her with a proposal once she lands in Iloilo. I cannot wait any longer than that. On the day of her arrival, I went to Sarabia Jewelry to buy a diamond engagement ring before heading to the airport. The sales staff were so nice and helped me pick the ring that I thought she would love,” narrates Andrew.

He then rushed to the airport, arrived late, but was still able to make his grand proposal to Amanda in front of the public. “I am so happy that Amanda answered with a heartfelt ‘yes’ and loved the ring I chose for her. It was a perfect fit, too! Her sister who also came to fetch her as well as some of the people at the airport cheered us. It was a totally happy and memorable day,” said Andrew.

The couple is now busy planning for their wedding and, not surprisingly, diamond wedding rings are on the list.

Wedding rings by Sarabia Jewelry (new arrivals)

Diamonds Speak of Love through the Years
Paulo and Sophia have been married for 30 years. In the year they got married, there were only a handful of jewelry shops in Iloilo and these were mostly located along Guanco Street. “It was in Sarabia Jewelry where we bought our gold wedding bands, with mine having a small diamond encrusted. Although we wanted something grander, but at the time, we were just entry-level employees and cannot afford more expensive diamond rings," said Sophia.

When the couple celebrated their 25th anniversary, they had a renewal of vows and bought a new set of wedding rings. They saw it fitting to buy the rings at Sarabia Jewelry. “The jewelry store was part of our happy memories,” said Paulo.

Since the couple has become financially comfortable due to a flourishing business, this time, they decided on a more beautiful set of diamond wedding rings, which they had the jewelry store specially made for them. “Now that we can afford it, we are getting the wedding rings that best speak of our love for each other,” Paulo adds.

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More than Diamonds
Diamonds may be a dazzling way of expressing ones love, but it is not this sparkling gem than makes a marriage. Paulo and Sophia shared some of their secret recipe for a successful marriage.

“Our life was not without any challenges. But the little, simple things that we do for each other over time make our marriage a happy one. We never take each other for granted, always saying thank you for small deeds like carrying my bag or making a cup of coffee. We have to show our partners that we appreciate them,” said Sophia.

“Sharing a good conversation and injecting humor into our daily life helps a lot. Getting active together, like walking around the subdivision together at least twice a week bonds as closer as well as keep us fit. We don’t raise our voices even when we are arguing and we always kiss and make up before bedtime,” adds Paulo.

As a last piece of advice, Paulo and Sophia said that couples should take steps to keep the love and romance aflame, and put in a huge dose of respect as well. “As long as you have these two very important components – love and respect – your marriage will be like diamonds that last forever,” ends Sophia.

* Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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