Beauty and Music: PRS 408 10 Top Wood Library Electric Guitar

The PRS 408 10 Top Wood Library Electric Guitar is a beauty to behold. Topped with the finest quality Brazilian rosewood, you will find it quite a pleasure to play, creating wonderful music with your fingers while being amazed at the guitar’s glossy elegance.

However, If you think that the PRS 408 is all beauty, you have to think again. This elegant instrument plays perfectly as well. It has so many tone-tweaking potentials due to its powerful electronics. You can extend the guitar’s tonal spectrum and increase its sound field quite easily. Its pickup configuration comprises of four coils, thus offering eight different sounds. Its simple, but versatile switching system enables you to try numerous combinations of single coil tones and humbucking.

The notable features of the PRS 408 include its comfortable pattern neck contour and upgraded fingerboard for easier handling. It is such a versatile electric guitar that works for amateurs and professionals, thanks to its quality performance PRS tremolo with locking tuners as well as its pickups, multiple switches and mini toggles.

Without question, the PRS 408 10 Top Wood Library Electric Guitar with Brazilian Rosewood is a wonderful fusion of timeless beauty and modern music technology. You won’t regret purchasing one.