Cong. Ferj Biron holds Grand Rally in Maasin, Iloilo

Cong. Ferj Biron, four-term Iloilo 4th District Representative known as “the working Congressman,” recently hold a Grand Rally at the Municipality of Maasin on April, 2018, 5 p.m. onwards. The congressman authored landmark bills such as the Cheaper Medicines Law, Food and Drug Administration Law, Gift Cheque Law, Ease of Doing Business Law, and many others.

Speaking before the crowd, Dok Ferg inspires the people of Maasin.
An all-out support from the people of Maasin for Dok Ferj was felt during the grand rally.

With his inspiring words in sharing his vision for Iloilo Province to be the next center of progress focusing on medical services, infrastructures, business and tourism, Cong. Biron was bold with his dream to lead the way in fighting and forging a bright future for Iloilo.

Strong, sincere and passionate, Dok Ferj stand side-by-side with his partymates as the next Iloilo governor.

The strong and supportive people in Maasin were inspired by Dok Ferj with his life story.

With 13 days left before the May 13 election, he believes that the Ilonggos will make the right choice in ensuring to build Iloilo’s promising future as its new governor, a leader who commits himself more than his job to serve the public, but posses an enduring visionary plans to turn dreams of development and progress for Iloilo a possible reality.

Dok Ferj shares the vision and hope of the Ilonggos together with his political allies.

His life story is a testament of his success to overcome poverty and vowed to inspire the Ilonggos with his clean, sincere and honest leadership. Cong. Biron is confident that his success will be his mission to win the bright future of Iloilo, a promise be sincerely left in the hearts of the people of Maasin.