The Medical City Iloilo launches Women’s Health Center

Women’s health takes centerstage at The Medical City Iloilo as the hospital’s Women’s Health Center was formally launched recently to cater the needs of women in Iloilo and in neighboring provinces.

TMC Iloilo Doctor Champions pose to celebrate the opening of the Women's Health Center.

TMC Iloilo’s Women’s Health Center primarily aims to empower women not only in their crafts, but also in their health, acknowledging the important role they play in the society.

Portraits of empowered modern women highlights TMC Iloilo's Women's Health Center.

In the Philippines, women’s health considers a number of facets. In the local setting, while Iloilo is developing into a highly urbanized city, the transition poses a risk for more non-communicable diseases such as cancer for people to develop. Neoplasm or cancer is on the top list which causes women morbidity in the country with breast and cervical cancers as the most common types.

TMC ILOILO WOMEN’S HEALTH CENTER TEAM OF EXPERT SPECIALISTS: Dr. Ma. Sisa Fernandez, Dr. Rhoda Mae Abdallah, Dr. razel Colacion, Dr. Eileen Granada, Dr. Donna Emelie Alindong, and Dr. Ma. Deb Palmes together with TMC Iloilo CEO Dr. Felix Ray Villa and TMC Iloilo Head of Physician Engagement and Development Unit Dr. Ma. Sancha Pauline Apolto-Garcia.

Dr. Felix Ray Villa, TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer together with Dr. Razel Colacion, TMC Iloilo Women’s Health Center Champion and Dr. Ma. Sancha Pauline Apolto-Garcia, TMC Ioilo Physician Engagement and Development Unit Head, led the ceremonial “Shower of Petals” to signify the official commencement of providing the patient partners another quality healthcare service especially dedicated to women.

Dr. Ma. Sancha Pauline Apolto-Garcia, Dr. Felix Ray Villa and Dr. Razel Colacion lead the ceremonial “Shower of Petals”.

It was during the event that the services were presented by the center’s head, Dr. Razel Colacion. Among the services being offered at TMC Iloilo Women’s Health Center include Breast and Reproductive, and Sexual Health needs from screening, consultation, treatment and palliative care provided by a team of expert specialists composed of OB-GYNE consultants and Sonologists, Breast Specialist, and oncologists with  competent staff.

Dr. Villa, Dr. Garcia and Dr. Colacion with the Women's Health Center team led by the ACC Manager, Christian Jess Dadivas (rightmost), Dyziel Alumbro, Business Development Specialist (second from left) and staff nurses.

For more details about The Medical City Iloilo Women’s Health Center, call them at (033) 500 – 1000 or you may visit us at Esplanade 2, Molo, Iloilo City. (TMCI PR)