Kyryll sends message of hope via new single ‘Gunita’

Feeling the quarantine blues? GMA Music offers comfort during this trying time via a musical treat from Kyryll’s sophomore single entitled ‘Gunita.’

The former The Clash Season 1 contestant is also the composer of her new song, which tells a melodramatic story about memories that people cling onto. According to Kyryll, she wants the listeners to be able to interpret this song as a message of hope to get through our troublesome situation.

She shares, “The chorus part says “gunita minsa’y masaya, sana laging masaya” that time I just wished I only have happy memories. Cause we all have our downs and dark pasts that aren’t worth remembering and we just want to forget all about it. But memories last a lifetime.”

Likewise, she wants to help in ways she can. Music serves as her platform in bringing smiles among Filipinos during this time.

“Cause we’re all stuck at home, there’ll be more time for us to reminisce, think and reflect. I hope they can relate to the song that I wrote and touch their hearts.”

‘Gunita’ is available for streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and other digital stores worldwide.