Imbestigador airs “COVID-19: Special Investigative Reports ni Mike Enriquez”

This July, GMA Public Affairs’ longest-running investigative television program Imbestigador presents “COVID-19: Special Investigative Reports ni Mike Enriquez”which brings back Imbestigador to its news-based, investigative roots. The special series is a comprehensive examination that seeks crucial answers to relevant issues relating to the COVID-19 response in the country.

COVID-19 has become the worst pandemic the world has ever seen in the past century. It continues to cause an unprecedented global health calamity and it has become the greatest challenge that mankind has collectively faced since World War II.

While people and businesses are grappling with significant adjustments to the so-called “new normal” after more than three months of lockdown, Filipinos need to take a step back to analyze and discuss significant issues related to the pandemic. What happened to the mass testing program? Where did the billions of funds intended for the COVID-19 response really go? Has the Social Amelioration Program been implemented well enough to support all Filipinos in need? How bad are the economic effects of the crisis to businesses and workforce? What future awaits Filipinos in the new normal?

For the special’s first part on July 11, Mike begins the investigation with a deep dive into the current state of the transportation sector.

After being suspended for months, public transportation is gradually resuming its operations, although limited. As means of transportation remain few, some commuters have resorted to riding motorcycles and bicycles. Others are even forced to walk for hours to go to work and run errands because they are left without any options to commute.  Meanwhile, other public transport drivers still prohibited by the government from plying their regular routes continue to suffer financially.

Are there any concrete and long-term solutions in the horizon?

Catch “COVID-19: Special Investigative Reports ni Mike Enriquez” which airs its initial episode this July 11, 4:45 pm after Wish Ko Lang on GMA-7.