3 reasons why FOX shock absorbers make a great off-road driving experience

When it comes to choosing a pickup truck, buyers usually look at versatility, utility and capability as the top factors in making their purchase decisions.

The Ford Ranger, for instance, is a pickup designed to handle the toughest jobs for its owners – whether carrying and moving load at work or tackling a mountain trail. For those who are looking to push beyond the everyday, Ford has invested heavily in boosting the off-road capabilities of the Ranger via FOXTM shock absorbers, which are the heart of suspension systems of the Ranger Raptor and the all-new Ranger FX4 MAX.


By using performance-oriented FOXTM shock absorbers, Ford has given the Ranger Raptor and FX4 MAX the ability to drive across rough terrain at high speeds with control, stability and comfort. This same off-road performance translates perfectly on the road, where the Ranger Raptor and FX4 MAX are just as comfortable and controlled as they are off road.

The Ford Ranger is a 4x4 truck engineered to take the ups with the downs, and the FOX shock absorbers and clever tuning by Ford give the Ranger Raptor and FX4 MAX the next-level driving experience.

Ranger Raptor

Here are three things that make the FOXTM shock absorbers a great off-road driving partner: 

1.    It’s built to conquer rough terrain.

FOXTM performance-ready suspension on the Ranger Raptor delivers up to 30% more wheel travel than regular shock absorbers. Wheel travel is the distance designed in for a wheel to travel at either the bottom or top of the movement. The FOXTM shock absorbers on Ranger Raptor and FX4 MAX have been designed to deal with a combination of high- and slow-speed driving and load carrying.

2.    It offers comfort on and off road.

FOXTM shock absorbers have been designed with on- and off-road comfort in mind, allowing owners to transition from rough to smooth roads easily.

The FX4 MAX’s suspension brings an off-road stance and capability through its 2.0-inch monotube Fox shock absorbers front and rear. The rear shocks feature a remote reservoir enabling rapid recovery from extensive, prolonged off-road use. They’re teamed with tuned coil-springs at the front, and a staggered shock arrangement at the rear to manage loads.

The Ranger Raptor’s race-bred suspension has been specifically crafted to tackle undulating terrain at high-speed while remaining in complete control and comfort. The Position Sensitive Damping (PSD) shock absorbers (dampers) provide higher damping forces at full jounce and rebound to enable better off-road capabilities, and lower damping forces in the mid-travel zone for a class leading plush ride during on-road trips.

3.    FOX Racing ShoxTM are among the best in off-road driving.

For more than three decades, FOX has been an industry leader in the design and development of high-performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products for snowmobiles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, 4X4 off-road cars, trucks, and SUVs. Ford uses FOX shocks across a range of performance pick-up vehicles with Ford engineers tuning these vehicles to perform at their best.

FOXTM shock absorber

The Ranger FX4 MAX is available in all Ford dealerships nationwide at a launch pricing of P1,698,000*. Meanwhile, customers purchasing the Ranger Raptor can still avail of the Ranger Raptor Premium Care Package, inclusive of a free 5-Year Scheduled Service Plan, 5-Year Warranty (from 3 years), and free 5-Year Roadside Assistance.


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