5 Value Meals I Enjoy from GrabFood

Food is one of life's great pleasures and now I enjoy it even more thanks to GrabFood. I don’t need to leave the comforts of my home just so I can have my favorite dishes. Just a few taps on my mobile phone and my food is on its way to me. 

Another plus is that I don’t need to spend much just to enjoy a meal since GrabFood has plenty of value meal selections listed on its “Starts at 99+” tile. Aside from the low cost, I even avail discounts and free delivery at times. 

Let me share with you my 5 favorite value meals. 

1. Pancit Canton from Lechon Haus, P89 

When one says Lechon Haus, the first thing that comes to mind is lechon. But the restaurant also serves other dishes such as my comfort food, pancit canton. One serving is good for two so I always share it with my mom. We love it because it is flavorful, loaded with vegetables, and the noodles are cooked just right. 

2. Chicken Empanada from Sharetea, P45 

Empanada is a great snack eaten any time of the day. So far among the chicken empanadas I’ve tasted,  the one from Sharetea is my favorite. Why? Because it is delicious, not greasy, and loaded with chicken unlike other empanadas that have many extenders. For a more filling snack, I usually pair it with my favorite Sharetea drink – Strawberry Honey Yogurt, which costs P135. 

3. Takoyaki from Tako Tako, P83 (Box of 4) 

This Japanese dish is very popular in our family. I am so happy that Tako Tako is available in GrabFood. I  usually order the Classic, which is our family’s favorite among the different takoyaki offered. At the time when I ordered this, GrabFood has a promo of P80 off for P249 minimum order. I was able to buy 3  boxes for only P169! What a good deal, right? 

4. Daily Greens Juice and Kombuchia Probiotic Tea from Healthy Kitchen, P100 each

I am so happy that GrabFood has Healthy Kitchen which is my go-to restaurant if I want to eat healthy. 

Daily Greens Juice is a drink and meal in one. It has 11 fresh fruits and vegetables juiced and blended for that healthy goodness. These are cucumber, carrots, banana, malunggay, pineapple, lemongrass,  spinach, avocado, apple, lemon, and ginger. I usually take it in the morning to jumpstart my day, or in the evening as my light but very nutritious last meal for the day. 

I also take Kombuchia Probiotic Tea mornings before my breakfast for that good gut and overall health.  This gluten-free drink is an energy booster, antioxidant and even helps regulate blood sugar. One bottle is good for 2 servings. I usually order the Classic flavor, but can’t wait to try the new exciting flavors which will be available soon from GrabFood – Mango, Turmeric and Strawberry Cinnamon.  

5. All-Day Breakfast from JD Bakeshop, P135 

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, and I am so glad that JD Bakeshop has an All-Day Breakfast.  Now, I can order my “breakfast” through GrabFood and eat it any time of the day. Their Longganisa, Egg with Garlic Rice meal is a big hit. GrabFood has a LUNCHDEALS promo of 30% off if you order on  Monday-Friday, 11 am to 1 pm. Of course, I availed this promo and had great savings! 

Yummy Food, Healthy Choices and Great Discounts! 

I am just so happy that with GrabFood, I can always have my favorite value meals just by scrolling and tapping on my mobile phone. Navigating the app is so easy, with foods grouped in categories to meet everyone’s tastes, health preferences, and budget. 

Be sure to check out the Grab app to find out what promotions are available daily, such as free delivery,  exciting discounts, plus Grab rewards points. For Self Pick-Up, you can enjoy 20% discount for no minimum order. 

If you are on a budget but still want to order your favorite foods, I recommend you check out the “Starts at 99+” section. GrabFood has a wide selection of restaurants so you will never be bored with food since you can always try something new. 

No Grab app yet? Download now from the App Store or Google Play.