MW Group opens Mrs. Wharton Cake Shop in Oton

MW Group, a leader in the local food industry, continues to expand with the launching of its flagship store, the Mrs. Wharton Cake Shop in Oton.

Mrs. Wharton is well-known for its mouthwatering whole and mini cakes for all occasions. They include the popular Mango Surprise, Tres Leches, Tiramisu, Ube Cream Cake, and Dream Cake, to name a few from its wide selection of cakes.

Through the flagship store, Mrs. Wharton will surely make its terrific cakes and cupcakes crafted with premium ingredients accessible to the town's residents and those who travel to and from southern Iloilo.

"The cafe features both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Tucked in the middle of a garden with a fountain, it is the perfect place for those who seek some quiet time and a rendezvous with oneself over a slice of cake and a good book," said Anna Marie Wharton, CEO of MW Group.

"The cafe's design showcases both contemporary and heritage. It is the perfect spot to take a photo," she added.

The cafe is inside the one-hectare ancestral estate founded by Wharton's mother, Doña Consing Rivera.

Casa Riviera

Also at the heart of this estate is Casa Riviera, an events venue ideal for private weddings and other occasions. It's also a beautiful place for photoshoots.

Anja Palabrica, chief marketing officer of the MW Group, shared that her grandmother would always find excuses to celebrate events in the house.

"She would even go to the extent of renovating a few things in the house in preparation for these events. I remember all our chandeliers in the house would light up, and the fountain outside would turn on. She would also hire several people to do the catering, decorating, and table settings," Palabrica said.

"Now, we have restored the old house to the life of the party it once was," she added.

MW Group's Food Brands

MW Group is more than just cakes. Apart from Mrs. Wharton Cakes, the company also manages other popular food brands which Ilonggos love.

Scones and Clotted Cream Pastry offers fresh bakes such as British scones (plain and with cream), strudels, tarts, puff pastries, and the famous Love Box. Scones and Clotted Cream Pastry also carries the products of Mrs. Wharton Cakes in its kiosk at the food hall of SM City Iloilo's north wing.

Up for something spicy? Lazy Susan serves Taiwanese food such as Sichuan Noodles, Spicy Beef Noodles, Lu Rou Fan, Pork or Duck Bao, Sichuan Chicken Cold Noodles, Scallion Wrap, Sichuan Pork Dumplings, Black Sesame Meat Bun, and Pepper Buns. Lazy Susan is at the food hall of SM City Iloilo's north wing.

The MW Group continues to make your life exciting, one bite at a time.

For more details, visit their Facebook pages as follows:

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Scones and Clotted Cream Pastry

Lazy Susan Taiwanese Food

Casa Riviera