Häfele invites Iloilo City to Experience the Art of Cooking

Häfele, manufacturer and distributor of German Quality Home Solutions, unveils its newest appliance showroom today, March 1, 2024. It is located at Imperial Appliance Plaza, Muelle Loney Street, Iloilo City.  

The grand opening celebrates 100 years of German craftsmanship and innovation while inviting Iloilo City to transform its kitchens into spaces where culinary expression thrives.

The new showroom promises to be a space designed to inspire, showcasing how thoughtful world-class appliances can elevate the everyday cooking experience into an art form. 

As the official distributor of Bosch appliances in the Philippines, Häfele will also feature a captivating collection of Bosch kitchen solutions known for their precision, intuitive design, and uncompromising quality.

Häfele understands that the kitchen is the heart of the modern home. The Grand Opening event will inspire attendees to reimagine their kitchens as spaces for both creativity and efficiency. Through expertly curated displays and a focus on user experience, Hafele will showcase how its solutions can transform the art of cooking.

The new Häfele showroom in Imperial Appliance Plaza marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in Iloilo City. 

To know more about the latest updates from Häfele Philippines, visit its website, https://hafelehome.com.ph/. You may also follow its official Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn accounts @HafelePhilippines.


Established in 1992, Häfele Philippines has been the manufacturer and distributor of German Quality Home Solutions, including home appliances, architectural hardware, furniture fittings, storage solutions, and electronic access control systems for over 30 years. Around the world, customers from the furniture industry, dealers, joiners, and cabinet makers, as well as architects, builders, and homeowners all rely on the expertise and performance of Häfele for over 100 years.