Historic Fort San Pedro Iloilo to undergo restoration

The National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) and the Iloilo City government are gearing up for the restoration of the historic Fort San Pedro Iloilo. Works are currently underway to determine the scope and direction of the P4-million prerestoration project.


Mayor Jerry P. Treñas and NMP Director-General Jeremy Barns have already met and identified the needed preparations, while Attorney Ma. Cecilia U. Tirol, NMP Visayas director, together with the architects of the Iloilo City government, have already inspected the site.


The NMP Archaeology Division headed by archaeologist Dr. Mary Jane Louise A. Bolunia has started reviewing the 1820 blueprint of the fort, comparing it to photographs taken in the 1930s up to early 1940s and after World War II.


These photos were overlaid with the recent photos of the fort to aid the technical experts in determining the extent of the site that will be covered by the project.


The preparation works will start with an archaeological excavation of up to 1.50 meters deep to locate the remains of the fort’s foundation.


The NMP plans to start the works from the seaside area away from the foot traffic and expand as necessary. After that, the data will aid in the preparation and production of working plans for reconstruction.


Mayor Treñas assured Director-General Barns of help to expedite the commencement of the prerestoration of the fort.


About Fort San Pedro

Constructed in the 15th century, Fort San Pedro, also known as Fort Nuestra Señora del Rosario, stands as a testament to Spanish colonial architecture in the Philippines. The quadrilateral fort, built with coral stones, served as a defensive structure against threats like Moro pirates.


The fort suffered significant damage during World War II and currently functions as a park. While the remnants of the original walls are still visible, the area has undergone various developments over time.


This restoration project aims to preserve the historical significance of Fort San Pedro and ensure its continued existence for future generations.


Fort San Pedro is located along San Pedro Drive in the domestic port area of Iloilo City.