Ilonggos encouraged to achieve financial freedom

Financial freedom can be defined in so many ways. It could mean having money to buy your own home, to fund for your children’s education, to travel to your dream destinations anytime you want, and eventually to enjoy your retirement and have money and properties to bestow to the next generation. This is want Sun Life Financial wants for each and every Filipino.

Sun Life recently held the Iloilo leg of their nationwide campaign dubbed #LiveFreePH Movement. The caravan aims to create awareness and encourage the Ilonggos to make long-term investments for their future and that of their family.

Piolo Pascual, Sun Life Financial's Ambassador

Piolo Pascual, Sun Life’s ambassador for 7 years, led the campaign. “It is best to have money in the bank and at the same time invest in mutual funds or insurance policies. Even before I joined Sun Life, I was already into long-term investments. I always encourage my son, Iñigo, to invest even at a young age, and I am also imparting the same message to every Filipino. There are a lot of investment options and there is always a policy that will suit your needs,” says Piolo.
“To have financial freedom, first you need to learn how to do it. It is important to have knowledge and interest. By watching and listening to financial seminars, talks or shows, you will be able to enhance your knowledge about investments. Next, talk to a financial adviser who will help you with your goals,” he adds.

Carla Gonzales, Customer Marketing Manager of Sun Life, agrees with Piolo. "Talking to a financial adviser is a crucial step to take towards financial freedom. You discuss together how much you can afford to pay, your financial goal and when do you want to achieve it. The adviser will develop a plan around that.

“Investing is very affordable. With Sun Life, you can already get a life insurance with an investment component for as low as 2,000 pesos a month. You can also invest in a mutual fund of your choice for only 5,000 pesos,” Gonzales said, citing the people’s impression that insurance policies are expensive.

Carla Gonzales, Customer Marketing Manager

Sun Life Financial is the first company to introduce life insurance in the Philippines and is celebrating their 120th anniversary this year. They recently launched #LiveFreePH Movement to make Filipinos believe that a brighter future is possible, encourage them to define their own financial freedom and to translate that into reality by choosing the best investment for them.