BPI makes the best happen

The Bank of the Philippine Islands recently launched its Make the Best Happen campaign in Iloilo with a Media Conference and Appreciation Party at the Seda Hotel on December 11.

Make the Best Happen is a non-traditional campaign as it puts clients’ needs and wants at the forefront, instead of offering the bank’s products and services. In a statement released to bloggers and media, Cezar P. Consing, BPI president, said that the bank is focusing on needs-based financial planning where individuals make decisions based not on returns, but on the goals they want to achieve.

The process begins with helping clients identify their life needs and goals, and then create a priority list based on those aspirations. Clients are then encouraged to make personal financial assessments, computing, among others, one’s net worth, cash flow requirement and even emergency funds.

Based on this initial assessment, BPI helps clients create a game plan, mindful of their budgets, goals, risk profile and investment options.

“BPI empowers Filipinos to make the best of their lives happen through its innovative and accessible financial solutions,” Consing said. “We strive to know and understand the individual circumstances and financial needs of our clients. Only then do we propose certain solutions that are suitable and customized for each and every client.”

Tricia Quiambao, head of BPI’s Strategic Brand Management, said that this campaign is a different look in banking. “We put a premium on understanding our clients and their needs, whether it is to travel, start a business, or fund their children’s education,” she said.

“As people become more aware of the world around them and the many possibilities and opportunities it offers, BPI would like to enable them to accomplish those goals and aspirations better, faster and more efficiently.”

Leah Del Castillo

Leah Del Castillo, Senior Manager, Strategic Brand Management, said that the target market of this campaign is the distinctly digital-savvy people aged 18 to 44 years old. 

“These people are the ones who think of money in a different way. They look at money not so much as a must-have but as a means to achieve something in life. They are not concerned much about the mechanics of money such as how to earn, to spend, or to invest, but think more of how money will benefit them,” said Del Castillo.

Since the social media is where a lot is happening nowadays, BPI conducted a research by listening in on “conversations” over Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. As a result, they came up with the 6 key pillars that are the most relevant to their customers today, which are travel, health, shopping, dining, parenting and future.

“Listening is the heart of this endeavour. The result of our research made us, the bank, address the demographics. We have to show the benefits of money through our Make the Best Happen campaign.” Del Castillo further explained.

Rally Jereza, BPI Division Head for Visayas and Mindanao, added: “Iloilo’s vibrant economy is an important growth driver in the region, and BPI has proudly witnessed this transformation of the city and province. With Make the Best Happen, we aim to expand the conversation with our clients and friends, beyond solutions and into actual life and lifestyle choices, in line with Iloilo’s transformation.

The microsite devoted to the campaign is https://makethebesthappen.ph. By visiting the site, one can read many articles about travel, food, shopping, health, dining parenting and the future. Content is updated every week with interesting articles that are relevant with current areas of interest.

Games made the night more entertaining. In this photo, blindfolded media and 
bloggers have to guess the food they ate.

One of the raffle winners, Louine Hope Conserva, with Philip Joel Lataquin, 
AVP and Area Business Director, BPI Panay

The early birds. Bloggers Nonoy Taclino, Jorry Palada and Greg Antoine Flores get special prizes.