Mango Mania at The Pitstop

Guimaras remains to be one of the top destinations of Ilonggos during summer. Whether for a day trip or staying a night or two, the province has so many things to offer to vacationers. Its pristine beaches and sandbars as well as the fresh seafood never fail to make a memorable and fun time.

Another major attraction of the province is its mangoes, which are touted to be the sweetest this side of earth. If you love mangoes, I bet that you have tasted Guimaras mangoes. Vacationers never go home without a kilo or two.

Dishes with a Twist
The best way to eat mangoes is to peel it with your bare hands and take a bite of the delicious fruit, unmindful of its juice trickling down your mouth. Of course, the more "sosy" ones would prefer to eat using a knife and fork, careful not to have their hands wet with the juice. Nevertheless, the mangoes still taste sweet regardless of how you eat it.

Do you know that you can also use mangoes when cooking? Adding slices of this fruit in your dishes will give it an exciting and flavorful twist.

Along the busy street of San Miguel in Jordan is a very popular restaurant called The Pitstop. The reason why locals and tourists go to this place is due to its unique take on mangoes.

Heard of Mango Pizza? Yup, they have it there. In fact, it is the restaurant’s best seller. I had a taste of this sweet pizza in one of my trips to Guimaras and now I know why many crave for it. It is definitely a must-try delicacy.

Due to the pizza’s popularity, The Pitstop has become synonymous with it. However, there is more to the restaurant than just its Mango Pizza. They have a wide assortment of dishes where they use mangoes, and all of these are big hits with their clients.

Here are some dishes that you should try:

Bangus Sisig with Mango Bits

Chicken Adobo with Mango Twist

Mango Bulalo

Mango Spaghetti

The ultimate best seller - Mango Pizza

Make your Guimaras experience complete by tasting the delectable mango dishes of The Pitstop. The restaurant is located at Chavez Bldg, San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.