Globe Telecom bags the best workplace in Asia award

Globe Telecom was recognized as Asia’s Best Workplace of the Year at the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES). This is a testament to its efforts in creating the most wonderful experience possible for each of its about 8,000 employees nationwide.

ACES showcases successful individuals and companies in Asia in terms of leadership and sustainability. This year, Globe Telecom was selected as Asia’s Best Workplace of the Year, recognizing its initiative to provide its employees the best working environment possible and various opportunities for holistic development.

“We are glad to be recognized as Asia’s Best Workplace of the Year at the prestigious ACES. Being an integral part of the company’s and nation’s success, we put a premium on ensuring our employees find purpose and meaning in their work. By allowing their work to serve a purpose beyond just livelihood, we ensure the ability of our people to lead happy and meaningful lives. This, more than anything else, is what sets Globe apart from any other company,” said Renato Jiao, Chief Human Resource Officer at Globe.

ACES annually presents the Asia’s Best Workplace of the Year to one company that best represents a people-centric approach and a strong commitment towards employee empower and enrichment. The awarded company has a healthy attrition rate, engages and nurtures a great pool of talents, as well as practices knowledge-sharing among employees and stakeholders.

Holistic growth for employees

Globe provides employees opportunities for continuous learning through its program called Globe University. This offers over 100 skills and leadership training courses. Over 2,900 people have benefited and almost 1000 leaders have emerged from these courses alone. These courses are powered by digital learning tools, and taught by our expert partners in the field using different methodologies.

Every quarter or semester, Globe holds an organization-wide town hall event called Ka-Globe Jam. This is where its senior leaders, led by Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu, summarize and celebrate quarterly business results, achievements, and milestones of the company. Through the feedback mechanism of The Hub, Globe identifies employee concerns regarding any company policy, standard or process.

Globe also allows employees to strike a balance between work and life in its headquarters in Taguig City through the various in-house facilities: a gym, bank, salon, pharmacy, and carwash, among others.

Keeping in mind that every employee’s unique needs, Globe has created the My Choice Flexible Benefits Program. This gives employees the opportunity to customize their benefits to suit not only their needs but their dependents as well.

On top of their leave credits, Globe decided to give each employee two days of volunteer time-off per year devoted to corporate social responsibility work. In 2017, volunteerism in Globe reached an all-time high of 52.8% of total employee base, with over 3,000 employees contributing over 60,000 man-hours.

These initiatives are centered on its belief on continuing to spin the Circle of Happiness - from employees to customers to shareholders. Globe emphasizes on its Purpose of Treating People Right to do a Globe of Good as the foundation and core of every employee, policy, program, and initiative it practices./PR