“COVID-19: The Unseen” A Reporter’s Notebook special presentation airs April 25

Reporter’s Notebook airs a special presentation on the unseen face of COVID-19 this Saturday (April 25) after Tadhana on GMA-7.

“Minsan naiiyak na kami sa loob ng ward kaya lang hindi namin pwedeng ipakita sa pasyente kasi parang mas panghihinaan sila eh. Kailangan mas malakas kami sa kanila,” goes the story of Dr. Kristine, a medical worker on the front lines of the country’s ongoing battle with COVID-19.

In the special episode of Reporter’s Notebook this Saturday afternoon, viewers get a rare look inside the workings of a medical facility within Metro Manila.

Jun Veneracion talks to Nurse Ninia who is among the health workers involved in testing suspected COVID-19 patients. Because of daily exposure to the virus, she and her husband who is also a nurse, must sacrifice taking care of their own child. 

In the Philippines, where massive testing is yet to begin weeks after the lockdown was implemented mid-March, Maki Pulido talks to the families of those who died without having been tested or finding out their results.

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes its toll across the Philippines and the rest of the world, many find themselves in isolation. Families are separated. Patients await treatment in hospitals. Health workers and those in essential services including journalists covering the pandemic must isolate from their loved ones to face an unseen enemy.

Don’t miss “COVID-19: The Unseen”, a Reporter’s Notebook special presentation this Saturday (April 25), 4:05 pm after Tadhana on GMA-7.