Pinas Sarap now airs on Saturday beginning July 25

Beginning July 25, join Kara David in her food adventures as Pinas Sarap moves to a new timeslot—now every Saturday at 7:45 pm on GMA News TV.

​This weekend, Pinas Sarap airs one of the viewers' favorite episodes where the show went to Albay in Bicol.

Kara David

Bicolanos are known for being ‘uragons’ or daring, especially when it comes to eating because most of their food are spicy. From appetizer to dessert, Bicolanos add the very hot sili to their dish—pansit bicol express, kandingga, and tinutungang manok! For dessert? They have a mix of sweet and spicy flavors with sili ice cream and cold brew chili.

Pinas Sarap also highlights another popular Bicolano dish, the pinangat which is made of gata or coconut milk and gabi leaves. Pinangat has a lot of versions. Bicolano also gave it an Italian twist through pinangat pasta and Mayon pizza. They also have inulokan, another kind of pinangat except it contains ulok or freshwater crab.

Brace yourself for a flavorful food trip this Saturday in Pinas Sarap, 7:45 p.m. on GMA News TV.