Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo on her ‘rewarding’ new life in her new La Union home

“Complete.” That’s how actress-host Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo describes her new life in La Union. Last March, on a quest for a more sustainable lifestyle for her family amid the pandemic, she, her husband Mikki, and their 10-year-old daughter Gummy all moved four hours up north, leaving their Pasig City condo for the time being. There, away from the manic metro, Bettinna seemingly found a new home better-suited for the rewarding family life she now excitedly lives.

Living a stone’s throw away from the beach to the sound of crashing waves and rustling leaves, Bettinna and her family now enjoy a more relaxed, rustic, stress-free lifestyle. The promdi life simply doesn’t compare to her previous urban situation, she says. In LU, she gets to wake up every morning to a different way of being—to a life where less is more, allowing her an ample space to grow and be happy. A sight to behold daily: Gummy running around freely, in nature’s deep bliss and peace.

The journey to this rewarding family life, however, wasn’t easy.

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New home, new challenges

Moving to a new, unfamiliar environment meant change. And Bettinna and her family weren’t spared the anxieties when they moved forward with this major life decision. Adjusting to a new climate and location, decorating a new space, making new friends—all these would have compounded and taken a toll on them emotionally if they didn’t have each one's support. However, it was these same snags, big and small, that tested their love and strength as a new family.

“There are so many changes. But it’s how you cope with all the changes with grace and understanding that everyone's going through the same thing that’s paramount. From there, you realize it’s your job to put their needs first,” Bettinna recalled.

In 2011, Bettinna became a single mom to Amanda Lucia, whom she would nickname Gummy (yes, after the popular fruit gum candy brand). Nine years later around June 2020, Bettinna met Mikki, a food entrepreneur. After about four months of what some would describe as a whirlwind courtship happening right amid the pandemic, the two got engaged. They tied the knot in Tagaytay in December.

It has since been a beautiful ride for Bettinna, who’s ever thankful of Mikki stepping in as the perfect father figure for Gummy. “You know, that's one of the ways that I knew that my husband was sent by the Lord. We didn't have to forge or force the relationship. They just happen to both love dogs and love polvoron, and they were friends na! He’s like the best tito in the world already,” she gushed.

The rewards of working from home 

Since taking a break from showbiz, Bettinna has grown to become a sought-after social media influencer and online host. With working from home (WFH) as the norm, she would see her opportunities increase—along with her rate of productivity and efficiency. Goodbye, long commutes and even longer waiting time in physical events and other engagements. Hello to a more focused and simplified work routine, thanks to a strong internet connection right at home.

For Bettinna, the WFH life is a glove fit for her mommy life. She always ends her day feeling rewarded. There's definitely more time for quality bonding with the family—and more opportunities for teachable moments, she says.

Pandemic parenting has suddenly become more exciting, too, as Gummy comes of age and starts asking all these “awkward questions,” Bettinna shares. To which the new mom has a policy of encouragement and openness. “As a parent, these conversations should be brought to the table as soon as possible. And as frequently as possible. Get your kids used to talking to you about their feelings, their fears, even the consequences of their actions. These days our conversations are becoming more and more mature na. Dinner convos are now on puberty hormones and crushes!” Bettinna said with a laugh.

CHERISH EVERY MOMENT. The bond between daughter Gummy and hubby Mikki did not need any forcing, Bettinna says. It was natural, effortless, and fast, she adds, with how the two just shared a common fondness for simple everyday things!

Thriving in the new normal

Helping Bettinna manage her and her family’s life transitions was PLDT Home. The fam's move to La Union proved to be easier and a lot more seamless with the country’s leading home internet provider allowing the fastest, most reliable, and stable connection in their household.

“If there's one thing, I have always been grateful for, it’s having a fast, reliable, and stable connection with PLDT Home. Whether it was at my old place in the city, or here, now in the province, the service has always been fast and reliable. It allows me to just focus on creating my content on my live cooking show, and virtual conferences. I have peace of mind knowing I’m not going to get disconnected in the middle of anything,” Bettinna said.

Bettinna believes a rewarding family life is built on appreciation. Both a parent and a spouse, she highlighted the importance of acknowledging and appreciating loved ones even just for their littlest efforts. A homework aced, a meal well cooked, a weekend chore accomplished—these small, everyday things should already be good enough for some celebration and affirmation. 

Bettinna believes that all these help make the relationship stronger and prepare the family for the bigger challenges ahead. The proud mom and wife likens this dynamic to how PLDT Home also acknowledges and appreciates its loyal customers through the PLDT Home Rewards Program. As a long-time subscriber, Bettinna remains equally grateful for all the exciting rewards she gets from the loyalty program. She just loves how she can augment purchases with PLDT Home Rewards Crystals and buy so many items and treats that she and her family can enjoy.

As a mother, sometimes the biggest rewards we get come from getting appreciated for the little things we do,” Bettinna said. “Like cooking for our family. It's your responsibility, and yet when they appreciate it, it feels great because it shows they really care. I guess PLDT Home Rewards is like that. By simply doing what you're supposed to, like paying your bills in full and on time, you get rewarded in return.”

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