Pandemic Stories: Ilonggo Pandesal initiative helped feed lockdown-affected families

At the height of the pandemic lockdown last year, bakers and milling companies in Iloilo City joined hands with the local government unit and started the Ilonggo Pandesal initiative. Free packs of pandesal were distributed to indigent residents with the aim to help spare them from hunger.


Iloilo Bakers Association together with Angelina Bakeshop, Carlo’s Bakeshop, JD Bakeshop, Theresa’s Bakeshop, Tibiao Bakery and Wewin’s Bakeshop produced over a million of Ilonggo Pandesal which helped residents cope with challenging circumstance brought by COVID-19.


A total of 1,612,752 pieces of pandesal or 201,594 packs (8 pieces per pack) were given to residents from April 7 to May 15, 2020.


Each day, about 43,200 pieces of pandesal, or 5,400 packs were produced during this period, according to Mayor Jerry Treñas.


The idea of producing the Ilonggo Pandesal is a collaboration of City Government and milling firms La Filipina Uygongco, Great Harvest Commodities, Carlos Uy Corporation, General Milling Corp., BTJ Marketing, San Miguel Corp., and 89-S Distribution Inc. that supplied the ingredients, and bakeries Angelina Bakeshop, Carlo’s Bakeshop, JD Bakeshop, Theresa’s Bakeshop, Tibiao Bakery and Wewin’s Bakeshop.


Ilonggo Pandesal is a collaborative initiative of the Iloilo City Government, Mayor Jerry Treñas and his friends from the private sector, and the following bakeries and milling firms:

-         Angelina Bakeshop

-         Carlo’s Bakeshop

-         Biscocho Haus

-         JD Bakeshop

-         Sweet Treats Iloilo

-         Theresa’s  Bakeshop

-         Tibiao Bakeshop

-         Wewin’s Bakeshop

-         Panaderia ni Pa-a

-         Sari-sari Bread Store

-         La Filipina Uygongco/ Uygongco Foundation

-         Philippine Foremost Milling Corp.

-         Carlos Uy Corporation

-         Great Harvest Commodities

-         BTJ Marketing Baking Supply Store

-         Great Harvest Commodities

-         General Milling Corporation

-         89’s Distribution Inc.

-         San Miguel Mills


The brainchild of mayor’s son Paolo and his business associates bonded the members of Iloilo Bakers Association.


“Together with the Iloilo City government, my friends organized an initiative to produce free pandesal delivered to all barangays. These were distributed through the Uswag Community Kitchens,” Treñas said.

The mayor expressed his gratitude to the overwhelming support from the private sector during these challenging times.


He said that through a strong public-private partnership, the city government is able to “make life a little better for everyone.”


“If we will work together, wala guid Ilonggo may magutman (no Ilonggo will experience hunger),” he added.