Ilonggo blogger's journey as brand specialist and book writer

Nile Kris Jan Banga, popularly known as the Nile on Weekends blogger shares how he gave up a good-paying corporate job to become a brand specialist and book writer.

It all started before his 23rd birthday when he went on a day trip. "I realized I want to tell valuable stories of people and places and my experiences. Thus, I started the blog Nile on Weekends," he said.

"Success is a case of mindset." - Nile Kris Jan Banga in Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time

"For the first three years, I paid for my food, travel, and other content. No one would know your value if you do not show it. Show it more than tell it. Build your value," Nile further said.

"After two years, a brand took interest in what I do and offered me a sideline job to handle their social media presence. It was the first opportunity for me to earn from blogging," he enthused.

Identity Branding and Marketing

Nile is a computer science course graduate, Cum Laude, so he is familiar with data analysis. In marketing, data is vital in knowing the purchasing habits of one's target market, coming up with marketing campaigns, and measuring their results. "The faculties that I used back then are the same when I shifted from mere mechanical devices or computers to now understanding both computers and the consumer's mind," Nile said.

Nile is a self-taught marketing specialist who learned from data, experience with his clients, coaching sessions, and books. He read books like "How the World Sees You" by Sally Hogshead, "Building a Brand Story" by Donal Miller, "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" and "5 Levels of Leadership" by John Maxwell. He also attended some coaching sessions under Janette Toral, the mother of Philippine E-commerce.

"God is the innovator of boxes." - Nile Kris Jan Banga in Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time

He also learned much from working with brands like Book Latte and Mrs. Wharton. With these experiences to back him up, he founded Identity Branding and Marketing.

"I would say, 70-80 percent of my work as a marketing specialist revolves on mental relays of ideas on what would add value to my clients. I am so blessed that my clients are very trusting and supportive of whatever my mind can conceive," he narrates.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time

Nile's journey to self-development does not end in his stint as a blogger and marketing consultant. He is also a book writer! So, what inspired him to become one? 

"I do not talk much in a crowd. But when you give me the space and the mic to speak about something, I would end up having a hard time finishing everything in one sitting. So, I figured out, why not write them in the book so that, if I cannot finish sharing whatever it is, they can grab the book and read it on their own pace," he explained.

"My first book 'Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time' tells of my five-year journey from a corporate employee to starting my career as a service provider, adjusting to all the changes, and creating my niche in the industry of marketing in Iloilo City. People would ask me how I started. And when the world was paused because of the pandemic issues, I thought of those questions that people would ask about my early days as a blogger. So I wrote a book," he explained.

"Time, purpose, and the process are inextricably correlated." - Nile Kris Jan Banga in Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time


Any reader can also learn from the book. "The book is about identifying one's lifelong dream, conceiving it as a vision, and the tools needed to make the vision a reality. Just like in a desert, feeling thirsty is an indication that water exists despite you not seeing any water source yet. So, your feeling of something more means there is really something more for your life. You will discover what can be your dreamer's block, your enemies for your dream-come-true moment, the laws you have to work with to get things done and the system that you must be aware of to keep your head in the game," Nile said.

"Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Don't Miss Your Time" is available at