UNIQLO Style Talks Iloilo: Comfort and Chic in the Workplace

Japanese global apparel retailer UNIQLO launches UNIQLO at Work this January, highlighting their roster of comfort workpieces, giving quality and comfort to professionals looking to elevate their everyday workwear.

UNIQLO hosted the first leg of their Style Talks Series in Festive Walk Iloilo last January 11. Ilonggos were given tips on how to style their different UNIQLO workwear pieces that can fit any type of workplace setting from smart to business casual. 

The event was hosted by Angela Tan, together with celebrity stylist Bea Constantino, as well as entrepreneur Vanessa Caro, and content creator and model Joaquin Tiu. The speakers highlighted their own work styles and needs, and how they utilize and style their own favorite LifeWear pieces. 

Local entrepreneur Vanessa Caro, content creator and model Joaquin Tiu, host Angela Tan, and celebrity stylist Bea Constantino onstage discussing their favorite UNIQLO workwear pieces. 

“Your style is definitely something that you can build on over time. Invest in quality pieces that you feel good in, as well as don’t be afraid to bend the rules; experiment with color, different shapes and silhouettes,” says Bea Constantino. 

“I think the most important thing is feeling good in what you wear. Comfort and style can definitely go hand in hand. With my favorite UNIQLO LifeWear pieces, I always feel stylish and confident when I go about my everyday activities,” says Vanessa Caro. 

Celebrity stylist Bea Constantino showcases how to style and layer the different LifeWear pieces.

“In my line of work, I want my outfits to represent my style and who I am as a content creator. UNIQLO allows me to sport stylish but comfy everyday attire that I can bring from shoots to events, to going out on my off time with my friends and family,” says Joaquin Tiu.