More Power bill deposit refunds reach over half a million pesos

MORE Power announces that a total of 175 customers have already received their bill deposit refunds since the program's commencement in June 2023.

As of September 2023, MORE Power has successfully returned a total of P539,000 bill deposits to all eligible customers.

MORE Power's President and CEO, Mr. Roel Z. Castro, reiterated the company's stance on bill deposits, emphasizing that these funds do not belong to the company. “Since we have no intention of using or retaining these funds for our operations, it's only fair to promptly return them to our customers," Castro emphasized.

Under Article 7 of the Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers, a customer who has paid their electric bills on or before the due date for three consecutive years may request a full refund of their deposit even before the termination of their service.

However, MORE Power is proactively reaching out to customers. Eligible customers are notified through a letter attached to their bills, eliminating the need for them to initiate the refund process. "We consistently go the extra mile to inform eligible customers about the refund process”, Mr. Castro said.

Looking ahead, the company anticipates processing a total of P3.3-million bill deposit refunds to 777 customers by the end of this year. This approach ensures that all eligible customers receive the refunds they are entitled to.

In addition, MORE Power is also strongly encouraging customers who have not yet registered for the E-Billing service to do so, to be included in the 1st Monthly Draw on September 29, 2023. Customers can access the QR Code or a link posted on MORE Power’s Official Facebook Page.